board of ingham county

road commissioners


board policy


effective date:    Immediate        policy #bp-259


supersedes BP#                        resolution #076-00


subject:  Bridge Weight Limit Posting


adopted by the board of ingham county road commissioners on march 2, 2000.





BE IT RESOLVED that upon recommendation of the Managing Director, the Board approves the following Bridge Posting Policy:  It shall be the policy of the Ingham County Road Commission that when the legal weight limit on a county bridge is reduced, advance notification to the public and the trucking industry shall be provided so that appropriate action can be taken to reduce the risk of violations and possible damage to the bridge.


The Michigan Vehicle Code (MCL 257.631) states that road commissions “shall cause or permit suitable signs stating that maximum speed and load limitations be erected and maintained not more than 50 feet from each end of the structure, and also at a suitable distance from the end of the bridge to enable vehicles to take a different route.”  It shall be the policy of the Ingham County Road Commission to place and maintain signs at the bridge and far enough in advance of the bridge to enable an affected truck to take an alternate route without back tracking.


To accomplish the above, the Ingham County Road Commission will:


§         Establish a two-week grace period after the revised signs are installed during which warnings will be issued to the vehicle drivers who’s weight is more than the current posting but less than the previous posting.  Vehicles that weigh more than the previous posting will receive a citation based on the weight limits of the previous posting.

§         At the start of this grace period, a news release will be issued to newspapers, radio stations and television stations outlining the changes in the bridge postings.

§         The new bridge sign postings will have a large sign with the word WARNING installed above the bridge posting signs to draw attention to them.  These warning signs will remain in place for at least three months after the change.  For bridges that have a low weight limit, the warning signs will remain permanently in place until the weight restriction is removed.

§         Advance bridge weight limit signs will be installed on both approaches approximately 750 feet in advance of the nearest intersection, at approximately 100 feet from the centerline of the nearest intersecting road toward the restricted bridge and within 50 feet from each end of the restricted bridge.

§         The bridge postings list on the Ingham County Road Commission’s website and on the list given out by the Permit Department shall be changed immediately after the change in the weight limit is approved by the Board.


This policy becomes effective immediately.