board of ingham county

road commissioners


board policy


effective date:   Immediate                  policy #bp-273


supersedes BP#  All Previous         resolution #169-04


subject:  road layout REQUIREMENTS


adopted by the board of ingham county road commissioners on september 9, 2004





BE IT RESOLVED that upon recommendation of the Director of Engineering, the Board approves revisions to the road layout requirements as provided for in the 2002 edition of the Ingham County Road Commission’s Procedures and Guidelines for Developing Public Roads, as follows:


Dead End Road:


The layout of roads in proposed developments shall provide a continuous circuit for travel.  Dead end roads, ending in permanent cul-de-sacs are not allowed.  The layout of roads shall also include road stubs, with dedicated right of way, to provide future connections to unplatted or undeveloped lands adjacent to the proposed development.  The road stubs shall have, if required by the County Engineer, temporary turnarounds at their terminus to facilitate plowing and routine maintenance of the road system.  Temporary turnarounds shall be located within dedicated road right of way or recordable easements.  Proposed developments adjacent to existing developments with road stubs shall connect to all road stubs at their boundaries, shall fit the pattern established by adjacent roads, and shall display a continuous circuit for travel.


Road and Construction Plans:


After approval of the Preliminary Plat, three copies of the Road and Drainage Construction Plans, prepared by the Proprietor’s Engineer, covering all the roads within the proposed development may be submitted to the County engineer for review.  The plans shall be in accordance with the requirements stated in this document and comply with the current specifications required by the Board.  The construction plans must bear the seal of a licensed professional engineer, licensed to practice in the State of Michigan.


Final approval of the Road and Construction Plans by the County Engineer imparts upon the Proprietor for a period of two years the conditional right that the general terms and conditions will not be changed.





Current Road Design Elements and Construction Standards:




1.         The centerline of construction shall coincide with the centerline of the right of way.  All variations from this standard must be noted on the plans and approved by the County Engineer.


2.         Minimum sight distance values to be used for design of proposed public roads and modifications of existing public roads shall be as follows:


a.         For vertical alignment, stopping sight distance shall meet or exceed the stopping sight distance “k” values illustrated in Table 2.


b.         Corner sight distance at internal subdivision intersections shall meet or exceed 330 feet.


c.         Sight distance at an intersection of a subdivision road with a local road or primary road shall meet or exceed the values illustrated in Table 3 as amended by Table 4.


General Requirements:


E.         Proprietors desiring variations from these requirements may submit their requests, in writing, to the Board.  The Board, in cases which it considers meritorious, may waive individual requirements in specific instances.  Variance request submittals shall include all materials pertinent to the issue.  Once a complete variance submittal is received, the County Engineer will schedule an appointment for the appeal.  Allow a minimum of two weeks for review and scheduling.