board of ingham county

road commissioners


board policy


effective date:    june 1, 2006 policy #bp-288


supersedes BP#223                  resolution #079-06


subject:    Bidding Procedures


adopted by the board of ingham county road commissioners on june 1, 2006.





Ingham County Road Commission invitations for bids and proposals for maintenance and construction projects, materials (except as provided by Board Policy #220 - “Setting Bid Dates for Routine Items”) and equipment shall be set by the Board for bid opening by staff and the bids shall be received and opened at the time and date set, subject to the following:

1.  Any bids that may be received after the date and time set for the bid opening shall be rejected and returned, unopened, to the bidder.

2.  When required, cashier’s checks, certified checks or money orders will be accepted as bid guarantees on construction and maintenance projects.

3.  Any bid or proposal for which a bid security is required in a specified amount, which fails to have the bid security attached as required, shall be  rejected and returned to the bidder.

4.  Other than as set forth above, the determination of acceptance or rejection of bids and the waiver of irregularities shall be made by the Board of Ingham County Road Commissioners at a regular or special meeting.

5.  The Board of Ingham County Road Commissioners reserves the right to reject any or all proposals or to waive defects and to accept the proposal in part or entirety that, in the judgment of the Board, is in the best interest and to the advantage of the Board of Ingham County Road Commissioners and the County of Ingham, Michigan.

6.  In the event that an outside contractor or consultant is used to develop bid specifications, such specifications shall be written in as generic language as possible while still adequately describing the products or services to be obtained.  The contractor or consultant developing or assisting in the development of the bid specifications is precluded from bidding on those specifications, or assisting any other bidder with respect to bidding, on those bid specifications.  Any such bid that is received shall be returned unopened.  If opened, that bid shall not be accepted.

7.  Each request for proposal developed, all or in part, by an outside contractor/consultant shall stipulate that each bidder shall submit a statement that it has no contractual agreements with, and/or has neither given nor received any remuneration within the prior twelve (12) months to or from, the consultant/contractor developing the bid specifications.

8.  Violation of this policy will be considered a violation of the contract, and vice versa. 

9.  Inclusion of paragraphs 6 and 7 herein by reference is hereby required in any such bidding and/or contract documents.

10.  This policy shall become effective immediately and supersedes Board Policy #198 dated 09/30/93 and Board Policy #223 dated 06/24/96.