In general the Engineering Department develops the plans and specifications for road and bridge construction and resurfacing projects, oversees construction work being performed, permits and manages  new subdivision street construction, issues permits to trucking companies, contractors and utilities companies to work in the road right of way and ensures legal use of the Ingham County road system..  There are 11 employees in the Engineering Department.

    The Director of Engineering, Robert Peterson, supervises all employees in the Engineering Department, reviews the layout and design of proposed public roads in new subdivisions for compliance with established standards and  develops road and bridge improvement programs for presentation to the Managing Director and  Board of Ingham County Road Commissioners.

    Most project plans and specifications are developed by the Design Engineer with  Engineering Technicians performing the computer-aided drafting work.  The Design Engineer also oversees the designs being performed by consultants hired by the Road Commission. Once the plans and specifications are developed,  the Construction Engineer works with contractors, to construct the improvements, processes  pay estimates, reviews and approves inspection reports, testing results and supervises the Engineering Technicians inspecting contractor work.

    The Permit Department issues permits for new and existing driveway installations, all proposed installations or work within the road right-of-way, special events that use the road system, over size loads, special moves, and annual permits.  Weighmasters and the Permit/Development  Supervisor inspect the work being performed under these permits to promote a safe work environment and that the work conforms to  permit requirements.  The two Weighmasters  patrol the road system to ensure that trucks are of  legal weight, legal size  and to make sure they have proper documentation for the loads they carry.

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