Directions of Tour

 Start in the Village of Haslett

East on Haslett to Green, 1.0 mile
North on Green to Shoesmith,  0.7 mile
East on Shoemith to Shoeman,  1.3 miles
North on Shoeman to Gulick,  0.2 mile
East on Gulick to Zimmer, 1.5 miles
North on Zimmer to Milton,  1.2 miles
East on Milton to Bentley,  1.5 miles
South on Bentley to Barry,  0.5 miles
West on Barry to Lounsbury ,  0.5 mile
South on Lounsbury to Haslett, 1.8 miles
West on Haslett to Barton,  0.5 mile
South on Barton to Sherwood,  2.0 miles
East on Sherwood to Beeman,  0.5 mile
South on Beeman to Rowley,  1.5 miles
East on Rowley to Harris, 1.2 miles
* City of Williamston
North on Harris to Moyer,  1.0 mile
East on Moyer to Dietz,  1.0 mile 
South on Dietz to Noble,  3.5 miles
East on Noble to Haskill,  1.0 mile 
South on Haskill to Holt,  1.0 mile
East on Holt to Alchin,  1.0 mile
South on Alchin to Frost,  1.0 mile
East on Frost to Searls,  0.7  mile
South on Searls to Howell,  2.0 miles
East on Howell to Risch,  0.4 mile
South on Risch to Columbia,  1.0 mile
West on Columbia to Searls,  0.3 mile
South on Searls to Iosco,  1.0 mile
East on Iosco to Brogan,  0.2 mile
South on Brogan to Swan, 4.0 miles
West on Swan to Dietz,  3.0 miles
North on Dietz to Carter, 1.0 mile
West on Carter to Osborne,  2.2 miles

North on Osborne to M-36, 1.2 miles
West on M-36 to Williamston/Jackson, 1.5 miles
* Village of Dansville
South on Williamston/Jackson to Howard,  2.0 miles
East on Howard to Ewers, 1.0 mile
West on Ewers to Meridian,  4.1 miles
South on Meridian to Vaughn,  0.1 mile
West on Vaughn to Hawley,  1.6 miles
South on Hawley to Scofield, 0.9 mile
West on Scofield to Wright,  0.3 mile
South on Wright to Covert,  0.7 mile
West on Covert to Edgar,  5.5 miles
North on Edgar to Toles,  4.1 miles
West on Toles to Aurelius,  1.0 mile
North on Aurelius to Thurlby,  1.5 miles
West on Thurlby to Eifert,  1.0 mile 
South on Eifert to Bunker,  0.5 mile
West on Bunker to Onondaga,  1.0 mile
North on Onondaga to Curtice,  1.0 mile
West on Curtice to Gale,  1.0 mile
North on Gale to Columbia,  1.0 mile
West on Columbia to Kingman,  0.5 mile
North on Kingman to Nichols,  1.0 mile
East on Nichols to Grovenburg 0.5 mile
* River Bend Park
North on Grovenburg to McCue,  2.0 miles
* Burchfield Park
West on McCue to Waverly,  1.0 mile
North on Waverly to M-99,  1.9 miles
Northeast on M-99 to Lansing or I-96,  0.9 mile

* Passing through or by
 Total Miles 80.0

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