The primary duty of the Operations Department is the maintenance of roads, bridges, equipment, and the buildings and grounds of the Ingham County Road Commission.  There are over 1,249 miles of roads, 68 bridges, over 400 different pieces of equipment and 16 buildings maintained by the Operations Department.

    Maintenance of roads is performed by 46 employees whose duties consist of snow plowing, ice removal, storm clean-up, roadside maintenance, gravel surfacing of roads and shoulders, asphalt patching, drainage work, chip sealing, street sweeping,  shaping gravel roads and the pickup and disposal of dead deer.

    Seven employees service and repair all the equipment.  There are approximately 26 single axle dump trucks, 24 tandem axle dump trucks, 30 units of off-road construction equipment such as graders, loaders and hydraulic excavators, 8 aerial trucks,  45 chain saws, and 50 pickups and automobiles.

    The 16 buildings, two gravel pits and various other properties are maintained by two full time employees.  The work these two employees perform consists mainly of electrical, plumbing, carpentry, heating, ventilation, mowing, painting and many other tasks.

    The Director of Operations is Jim Benjamin.


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