Traffic & Safety

     The Traffic and Safety Department plans and implements traffic engineering activities, in compliance with state law and established standards, to provide for the safe and efficient movement of vehicle and pedestrian traffic on roads under the jurisdiction of the Ingham County Road Commission. The department personnel accomplish these activities by installing and maintaining traffic signs, traffic signals, pavement markings and performing traffic studies. There are currently five employees in the Traffic and Safety Department.

    Three employees plus one supervisor in the sign shop manufacture, install and maintain approximately 17,000 roadside signs. These signs warn motorists of dangers, help direct them throughout the county and regulate their driving behavior by the use of, but are not limited to, the following signs: stop signs, speed limit signs and no parking signs.

    There are two employees in the traffic signal shop.  They install and maintain over 60 traffic signals at major intersections under the jurisdiction of the Road Commission. The signal shop employees also install, repair and maintain approximately 150 two-way radios which are used in our Road Commission vehicles for communication.

    There are approximately 1,250 lane miles of pavement marking placed by private contractors under the watchful eye of traffic department personnel. The pavement markings also include legends and symbols, such as railroad symbols, school legends, crosswalk lines and the many arrows placed on the pavement to help motorists make lane selections at busy intersections.

    The Director of Engineering, and the Traffic Engineering Technician conduct many different types of traffic studies. These studies include traffic volume counts, vehicle speed studies, and turning movement counts.

    The goal of the Traffic and Safety Department is to provide the safest and most efficient road system possible.

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